Nasal Pillows

Mirage Swift II
Effective, quiet, light, compact, gentle, easy …did we mention quiet?



Nasal Masks Vented

Mirage Activa
The first nasal mask with ActiveCell Technology . . . because active sleep demands an active seal.

Mirage Kidsta
The reassuring mask of choice for sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) in childhood.

Mirage Vista
Good view. Great feeling.

Ultra Mirage II
Share the experience that has helped millions of people like you.

A simple decision.

Silent Papillon
A quiet choice.
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Full Face Masks Vented

Mirage Quattro
Fourth generation full face mask, delivering an individualized fit for over 95% of users.

Mirage Liberty
Less mask, more freedom.

Ultra Mirage
The best of the Ultra Mirage technology in a full face mask.
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